Jersey Geology Trail

Latest Updates (14/07/17).

The following pages have recent Information added for quicker access to recent geological finds and to avoid any repeated checking.

  1. Andesites, Spilites or Keratophyres. Reference to discussion of title and photo of rare 'pillow-like' structures.
  2. Bibliography. Publications of Rare Onion Weathering (Nichols, 2016), and Jersey's Geological SSIs (Nichols & Blampied, 2017).
  3. Brittany Connection. The Ringing Stones (Les Pierres Sonnantes), photo and Reference.
  4. Dykes, Sills & Veins. Mica lamprophyre, isolated NW - SE strike, St. Catherine's Bay beach.
  5. Earthquakes. Surrounding faults and recent BGS map of earthquake epicentres.
  6. Flint. Sea-floor chalk maps and flint nodules.
  7. Geomorphology. Spheroidal weathering photo and Reference.
  8. Granite, Granophyre & Granodiorite. Photo of Granodiorite, Sorel Point.
  9. Raised Beaches. Beach gully-fill ? 18m, La Grève au Lanchon, 3rd cave west.
  10. Rhyolites. New variety published by J. Renouf et al. also found same month on St. Catherine's Beach; photos by R. Anderson and R. Nichols.
  11. The Bonne Nuit Trail - Trail updated.
  12. Anne Port Bay to La Crête Point. New Jersey Geology Trail added.